Sunday, December 4, 2011

Early Christmas

I know I haven't done much blogging lately but I will try to get back in the groove . Jennie came up yesterday to go to a wedding in KC so we gave her a early Christmas present. We had it a few a days and it was killing us not to tell her what it was. Here are a few pictures of her opening the gift.

We wrapped four gifts in 1 box. Here she is opening the first gift.

The surprised look on her face was priceless. We each got iPhones for Christmas. We got ours on Tuesday.

She was sooooo surprised. The other boxes had a car charger, ear phones and a case.

Unfortunately she had to leave after she opened the gifts so she did not get to see much of what she had. RJ took her to Verizon on Sunday to get her phones switched. It is such a wonderful feeling to really surprise someone.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Toy

Although I had a number of chores around the house I could have done today, I said "What the heck, there's always tomorrow" and went out and bought a new toy instead.  Actually, after all the negotiating, test riding, more negotiating, signing papers, getting insurance, etc, it took me most of the day to get done.  It's a 2002 Harley Davidson Road King.  As Sunnye would say, "It's what I've always wanted..."

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Living room

As you know, we have been working on our home. The living room is almost done. Here are a few pictures.

Here is our brown recliner loveseat and rust colored sofa. We have hopsack colored walls with chocolate drapes. The carpet is beautiful.

Here is the entertainment corner.

Here is the ottoman that goes with the couch. The curio cabinet is in the corner, have not found what went in there yet. See our guard dog "Clyde".

Monday Night Football is on!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guard Hummingbird

We have a hummingbird who thinks he owns the feeder and chases off any other hummingbirds who get anywhere near it.  We were watching him for a long time today while he chased other birds, sometimes all the way up into the trees across the road, and then returned immediately to his "guard" position on top of the feeder hanger.  Sunnye went out to the shed and got another feeder.  We cleaned the bugs out of it, filled it up and hung it about 10 feet from the other one.  When we came back in and watched, we saw him trying to guard BOTH feeders.  He would fly back and forth between them chasing off any other hummingbirds.  I told Sunnye he was probably feeling stressed now that he has two feeders to guard!

Yes, that's the highlight of our day.  Is that sad or what?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living room update

As you know, we have been trying to paint the walls of our home. We have the laundry room and dining room done. Now we are in the living room. Here are a couple of the before shots.

Here are a few shots of the walls after the paint. I thought it was going to be darker but I like it this color. What do you think?

The camera does not show how good the color really is. But is sure a lot better than what we had before.

As you can see with the lamp, our entertainment center is cream colored so it should stand out. The rest of the colors in the room will be greens, rust and brown.

This is what the entry way will have on it instead of the white tiles. It really looks good with the walls. Dennis had some input on this.Yesterday we finally ordered the carpet for the whole house. The carpet is a little darker than the walls. Now I have to get in gear and get the rest of the walls painted. As soon as this is all done, we get our furniture out of storage. When all done, we plan to have a open house party. Hope to have it done before the snow comes!

Dennis' Visit

My younger brother finally came for a visit. It was good to see him. Here are a few pictures of his visit.

On Saturday he arrives to KCI. We were looking for someone with a ball cap on, he always wears one. Said it was in his carry on. Boy, did he look good.

Because he is such a Chiefs fan, we had to go by Arrowhead. Got some great pictures around the stadium.

Sunday we went to Wichita to celebrate Owen's 7th birthday. Had a great time. Hard to believe he is that old.

Here is a picture of the Arnett family. The kids were really enjoying the day.

Dennis with his 2 favorite nieces, the only ones he has. Doesn't he look loved.

On the way home Dennis met Knute Rockne. We are such football fans.

On Monday we went to Prairie Band casino for free meals. Had a great time there. By the end of the night, only 1 person was down. Not to bad, 1 out of 5.

Here is a good shot of mother/son.

Dennis with Mom's car, "Lizzie". Checking the oil the before he leaves.

Needed the steering wheel cover to protect his hands from the hot Texas heat.

Said he needed his lucky rabbit's foot hanging from the mirror. Don't think it was very lucky for the rabbit.

And his Chief's bobble head for his antenna so he can find his car in the parking lot. Now the car looks like his. What a great visit we had. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Dining Room

RJ and I have been busy lately. We got our laundry room done and now we have our dining room finished. Here are a few of the finished pictures.

The wall color is the same as the laundry room. It really makes the wood trim stand out. And it also goes well with the film on our windows.

The cabinet to the right of the windows is new. It holds all of the canned goods. That was what we had on the metal shelves in front of the window. Now we can get to the windows. I think RJ and I may finally be getting the hang of this. The kitchen area will be done later. Now we have the living room walls primed and ready for paint in the morning. Will take pictures when it is done.